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New Jersey Home inspectors if you are looking for a NJ home inspector, look no further than this site. Our by County directory makes it easy to find a home inspector any were within the state.

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Home inspectors who do not know better do not clearly indicate the significance of the findings or failed to provide the buyer with information about material defects. Failure of home inspectors to indicate the significance of the findings or significance of material defects is a leading cause of complaints against inexperienced home inspectors.

Put as much care into selecting your NJ home inspector as you do your attorney.

While spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying a house some house buyers try to save a few dollars when they hired the cheapest home inspector they can. After buying the house many home buyers realize the few dollars they saved when they hired the home inspector is going to cost them big money. As the saying goes, pay now or pay later. There is no easy or cheap cure for those who begin suffering from buyers remorse when serious flaws in the home show up especially if the home inspector you hired is out of the home inspection business and without insurance. New Jersey home inspectors are supposed to provide clients with the tools they need to make an educated choice regarding the quality and condition of their potential new home.

Just like in nearly every profession some home inspectors are more qualified than others. Make sure you obtain a written resume of the home inspector PRIOR to having them inspect your new house. Avoid having a home inspector perfect his craft on your time and with your money. A licensed home inspector in New Jersey can have as few as three weeks of class room training and 40 hours of field training. Many view LICENSING IS A MINIMUM QUALIFICATION. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR RESUME! 

New Jersey home inspectors perform home inspections and inspect for common home defects and not so common ones. By hiring the most EXPERIENCED NJ home inspector you can afford you should be better able to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the home in which you are under contract to buy.

Make sure you see the home inspectors state issued home inspector photo ID card before they start performing your home inspection in New Jersey.

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